The easiest way to address an issue with your REfindly IDX website or CRM is to enter a Support ticket. You can create a ticket by visiting and clicking the "New Support Ticket" link  or you can create a support ticket directly from your Website or CRM dashboard.

From your IDX Website

From dashboard, click "Support" from bar at top of the page.

From your CRM

Click "Support" from menu on left side of the page.

If the support ticket refers to a CRM issue we may need to request your CRM login credentials (we do not save your CRM password locally).

The Support Ticket form has three fields:


Enter your email address


A short description of why you're submitting a ticket


A detailed description of your problem. The more information you can provide here, the quicker we can resolve the problem.

Not Enough Info: "The email doesn't work."

Good Info: "The saved searches I've set up for my leads in the CRM are not generating any automated property drips to the lead."


If your support ticket refers to your IDX Website, please include the website URL.

If it's possible, attaching a screenshot of your issue will usually help us help you quicker. You can attach a file by clicking the "Attach a file" link under the Description area.