Most text widget areas are HTML sensitive. The good news is that means you can add text and images in any format you want using HTML code. The bad news is you don't know HTML code. The best news is that you don't need to know HTML code! Everything you need to format content and export HTML code is already included with your REfindly site, and you can do it in four easy steps.

Depending on your site's theme there may be sections of the home page that also accept HTML code. Follow the same steps below to put HTML code into those sections.

Step One: Make a New Page

Click Here to see how to create a new page. It doesn't matter what you name the page because you won't be publishing the page to your site.

Step Two: Enter Your Content

Enter any content you like in the Page Editor. Click Here to learn about how to insert and format content in the page editor.

Step Three: Copy the HTML Code

Once you have your content formatted the way you want you can copy the HTML code. In the upper right corner of the main Page Editor section is a pair of tabs labeled "Visual" and "Text". Click on the "Text" tab to switch to the Text Editor view. The code you'll see in the Page Editor is your HTML code! Select the code and copy it.

Step Four: Paste the HTML Code Into Your Text Widget

Now you can paste the HTML code into your text widget, and it will display the way you want on your site.