This section of the home page consists of three circular images that link to pages on your site.

These images link to your site's property search by default. You can change the images and the pages they link to, along with the text content below the images.

We highly reccomend editing at least the text content below the images in this section. The more you customize your site's content the better!


To edit this part of your home page you'll need to be in the Customize screen with your Home page loaded. From your dashboard, click Appearance > Customize to reach the Customzie screen. Your Home page will be the default page on the Customize screen.

This section is divided into three blocks named "Block 1", "Block 2", and "Block 3". Block 1 is the image on the left, Block 2 is the center image, and Block 3 is the image on the right. You edit each of these three blocks the same way.

Each Block has four sections:

  • Block Title
  • Block Image
  • Block URL
  • Block text content
Here is an example showing where each of these sections appears on your home page:

You won't see "Block URL" on the above image. The URL is the address of the link to which your image points.

Block Image

To add (or change) the image for your block, click on the box that says "No Image" underneath the Block Image section. If there is already an image in this section, click on the image. Then choose an image by clicking on the "select a file" link. You can also drag and drop an image into the box with dashed lines around the "Drop a file here or select a file." text.

Block URL

This section is where you will tell the image what page on your site you want it to point to when a user clicks it. You do not need to type out the entire address ("http://www.yoursitename.com/your-page"). The only thing you need to put in this section is a slash, followed by the name of your page ("/your-page").

To make sure you enter the right URL in this section you should open the page you want the image to link to in another browser tab or window. Copy and paste the URL directly from your browser's address bar, and remove "http://yoursitename.com". In the example below, the full URL for the page is "http://classicdemo.refindly.org/communities/".

To link to this page you would only need to type "/communities" in the Block URL section.

Block text content

In this section you will add the text content displayed below the block's image (underneath the Block Title). This section is HTML sensitive. We suggest a single short paragraph of content for this section.

Remember to click the  button to save your changes when you're done editing.