Several REfindly Site Themes include a list of pre-defined searches for up to eighteed Communities on your home page.

These communities can be edited from your Customize screen.  From the dashboard, choose Appearance > Customize.

Click on the play button above to see how to access the Customize screen.

The list of Communities is built using a Widget. To access the list, click the Widgets section of the Customize menu.

Next, click the Home Page Community Sidebar section to open that Widget area, and then choose the REfindly Communities Listings widget.


Click the play button above to see how to access the widget.

If the Home Communities Sidebar Widget area is not an option, make sure you are viewing the Home page. If you do not see the REfindly Communities Listings widget, click the  button and choose the REfindly Communities Listings widget.

Inside the REfindly Communities Listings widget you will see a list of communities that is fed from your MLS. To add a community to the list, just find the community and check the box next to it. To remove a community, just uncheck the box.

Pro Tip: If you'd rather not scroll through the list to find a community, try pressing CTL+F (or Command+F on a Mac) to open the "Find" dialogue box in your browser and typing in the name of the community you want to add or remove from the list.  Your browser will jump right to the community in the list!

Once you have made your changes, press the  button to save your changes.