This solution will provide some suggestions on maximizing opportunities generated by home seller leads.


REfindly's home seller leads are a byproduct of strategic campaigns conducted across a vast network of online resources as well as targeted advertising platforms. In some cases, leads are derived from homeowners who have researched the value of their home. In this instance, the lead capture process commences as they enter their address and personal information as necessary to review the home value report. With the lead's information now in hand, our system rapidly scans the web for social media insight, contact details and other relevant information you can use to understand and engage with the lead. Sometimes, leads do abandon the website when contact information is requested. When this occurs, we may only have an address, yet this is still very useful. From this slightest of detail, our system is capable of deriving the owners' identity and contact information. Your lead details page will ultimately indicate what information the lead provided as well as the information our system provided. 

When leads do not fill out their personal information, they are sometimes surprised when an agent contacts them to help them through the home value research process. A real estate professional who relies on REfindly' has graciously shared the approach he uses when contacting home seller leads.

Hello, may I have a moment to speak with_"LEAD"__!  This is _"AGENT____with___ABC__Realty.

The reason for my call is because I noticed you visited my website to research homes value.

I hope you have a moment to speak, this won't take-up much time. The only purpose of my call is to simply introduce myself and let you know that I'm available and happy to answer any questions you may have. I list and sell many homes in your area. 

I really just want to be helpful and was hoping to learn more about what prompted you to start your search? ( this will help you understand their motivation for selling)

Are you considering selling your home?  (Y/N)

How soon are you looking to start the process? (Time is a factor to gauge  urgency)

What did you think of the online value you received? ( This question will  help you price the listing at your meeting)

When you sell this property, where do you envision going next?  ( this will help you gage motivation and future business)

How soon do you have to be there? ( This will again gauge their sense of urgency)

Great news... I would like to apply for the Job of Selling your property.

Have you met with any other agents?  Y/N

Are you familiar with the techniques and tools that I use to sell a home?

I am available this week... does (pick several days and times) work best for you?

Okay, I have a closing that day, but let me see if there is a conflict.   No, we are all set, but I will call you before I come to the house. 

Thank You, I look forward to meeting you and demonstrating how I can help ensure you get the best price for your home.