This solution suggests an approach to maximize opportunities generated from home buyer leads.


Our buyer leads are a byproduct of strategic campaigns conducted across a vast network of Online resources and targeted advertising platforms; an approach specifically designed to elicit response from people genuinely looking to purchase homes within your target area. Our system captures their information as they sign-up to search for properties. One of the real estate professionals who relies on REfindly has graciously provided his approach to transitioning a lead into a sale. The conversation with the lead is as follows:

Hello, may I have a moment to speak with__"LEAD"__!  This is __"AGENT"____with__"ABC"____Realty.

The reason for my call is because I noticed you had visited my website to research homes.

I hope you have a moment to speak ... the only purpose of my call is to simply introduce myself and let you know that I'm available and happy to answer any questions you may have during your home search process.  I sell and list many homes in your area.

I only want to be helpful and was hoping to learn more about what prompted you to start your search? ( this will help you understand their motivation for selling)

Are you looking to buy a home? (or, Are you thinking of selling your home?) 

How soon are you looking to start the process? (Time is a factor to gauge urgency)

Have you met with any other agents?  Y/N 

I am available this week. Does (pick a few days and times) work best for you to see some homes?

Okay, I have a closing that day, but let me see if there is a conflict.  No, we are all set.  I will call you before I come to the house. 

Thank You, I look forward to meeting you and demonstrating how I can help ensure that you find the best home for the best price.