When a lead has gone through your Agent rotation but has not been claimed, it ends up in the Lead Assignment Setup page. From this page you can assign the lead to the agent of your choice.

From your dashboard, choose the Distribution option fro the left-hand menu. This should automatically take you to the Lead Assignment section. Choose the un-claimed lead by selecting the check box to the left of the lead. Then select the agent to which you want to assign the lead from the dropdown menu above the list of unclaimed leads. When you have chosen the agent, click the Save Assignment button to assign the unclaimed lead to that agent. A pop-up dialogue box will appear telling you that the lead has been assigned succesfully.

Watch this short video to see the process:

Pro-tip: You can assign multiple unclaimed leads to an agent at a time. Just choose multiple leads by selecting the checkbox next to the lead's name before choosing the agent to which you want to assign the leads.