Important Note

Before you add agents to your roster for the first time, you'll need to set up at least one Agent Department. Click Here to learn how to set up Agent Deparments.

To add a new Agent to your Roster, visit your dashboard and choose Agents > Add New.

Click on the play button above to see how to access the Add New Agent screen.

The Add New Agent screen has two main sections: Agent Information and Agent Department.

Agent Information

You can enter most of your Agents' information in this section.  First, click the  button to open your Media Library. Choose an image for your Agent from your library, or add a new image by dragging-and-dropping into the library or by choosing the Upload Files tab and pressing the  button and choosing an image from the file picker.

Next you can enter your Agents' information. All of these fields will be visible on the website:

  • Full Name: The Agent's name.
  • Sub Title: The Agent's position, title, or other designation.
  • Work Phone: The Agent's primary phone number.
  • Mobile Phone: The Agent's cell number, if different from above.
  • Fax: The Agent's fax number, if available.
  • Email: The email address to which your site will send any contact form submissions from the Agents page.
  • Website: Your Agent's website, if any. You will need to include "http://" but not "www".
  • Department: You will choose your Agent's Department in the Agent Department section, and it will be displayed here.
  • SMS Phone: The phone number which will receive a text notification from any contact form submissions from the Agents page.
  • Featured Agent?: If you select this option, the Agent will be displayed at the top of the Agents page, regardless of their order on your Dashboard.
  • Agent Bios: This section should include a Bio of the agent being added. If this section is filled out, a details page will be added for the agent. If not filled out, no details page will be created.
Once you've entered your Agent's information, choose their Department from the drop-down menu in the Agent Department section.

Once you've entered your Agent's information and chosen their department, you can save your Agent by pressing the  button.