This FAQ will help you get new Zillow leads to automatically import into the CRM


You can have Zillow leads go directly to a specific agent or into a distribution pool for the agency. To send Zillow leads to an agent, go to There is a Lead Insertion Email under that Agent tab that will look something like If you wish to send Zillow leads into an agency distribution go to the Agency tab within the profile (The Agency Tab will only be available to brokers within the agency). There is an Inbound Leads email that will look something like Whichever email you chose (to agent or to agency distribution) is the email we will give to Zillow so keep it handy. 


Now, let's head over to Zillow.

Go to and login with your Zillow credentials. 

Click the Agent Hub on the top right and then select Account.

Next, click Connect to My CRM from the secondary top navigation menu.

Click the Add Partner button, and then select REfindly from the drop down list of Zillow partners. A text box will appear. Put either your agent or agency email you found earlier here. Click the Save button.

You are good to go now. Zillow will insert new leads into the CRM for you.