This FAQ will help you automatically bring in new leads into the CRM.


You can have leads go directly to a specific agent or into a distribution pool for the agency. To send leads to an agent, go to There is a Lead Insertion Email under that Agent tab that will look something like If you wish to send leads into an agency distribution go to the Agency tab within the profile (The Agency Tab will only be available to brokers within the agency). There is an Inbound Leads email that will look something like Whichever email you chose (to agent or to agency distribution) is the email we will give to so keep it handy. 


Note that any email sent to the addresses above will also forward to the email registered with the CRM. You won't miss out on any emails.


Now, let's head over to

Profile > Settings > Lead Settings

Once in Lead settings add a secondary email, the inbound email mentioned above from your REfindly CRM. Save Lead settings and then send a test lead from the Lead settings page on

You are good to go now. will email us when a new lead comes in and we'll stick it into the CRM for you.