For unmanaged campaigns, REfindly sets-up a lead capture website for you with a domain name specific to your target market.

Having geographic terms in the domain name facilitates search engine optimization. After signing-up for the unmanaged domain (and having a valid payment method) we will set-up the new site for you.

Once the site is set-up (this takes approximately an hour), we will send you an email with the URL to the unmanaged campaign.

In addition, you may login to and click "Domains" tab item in the left navigation menu. From the Domains page, each unmanaged campaign will be listed with the URL. If you do not see the Domains menu item, then you do not currently have any unmanaged campaigns. 

For managed campaigns, REfindly draws leads from a variety of resources and there is not a single URL or page we can provide. In this case, since we fulfill all the work, you will only see the lead information.