There are two types of campaigns you can add to get leads: managed campaigns and unmanaged campaigns. 

When you purchase an unmanaged campaign, we provide you with a website for lead capture. To get leads, you must direct them to this website through social media marketing, search engine marketing, mailers, print materials, or other means. When a lead enters their address for home value as a seller lead or their personal information as a buyer lead, we scour the internet for additional details on the lead and place the lead in Leads view of You may have as many of these sites as you would like.

When you purchase a managed campaign, we take care of bringing in the leads for your target market. You provide us with an advertising budget, and we use a plethora of online sources to bring in the most and best leads for you. Because we manage the lead sourcing process, there is not a single lead capture page we can point you to like there is for the unmanaged campaigns. Managed campaign leads are purchased in increments of $!00 per lead type (buyer or seller) per market.