This solution will help you send your REfindly leads to your REfindly CRM. 


REfindly provides you with an key that associates that associates your account for our different products. So the first step is to find your key in the CRM.

Login to, and head over to your profile

The first thing we want to do is add buyer and seller leads as a source within the CRM. Read this FAQ on setting up the source:

Now that we have a source setup in the CRM to accept the leads, we can point REfindly's lead generation product to the CRM.

Click the Agency Tab.

There is a field for Inbound Leads that provides you with an email. The email address should look something like this: 

Now open up a new window in your browser, head to, and login.

On the left navigation menu, select Profile. Then enter your email address from the CRM into the "REfindly CRM Insertion Email" field.