Saving searches for a lead is easy with the REfindly CRM. From the Lead Activity Page, simply click the + button next to the Saved Searches header in the lower right corner of the screen.

A new window or tab will open to the search page of your IDX website.

Simply enter your search criteria and click the  button.

A dialogue box will appear asking you to name the search. Enter a name and press the save-button.png button.

When you refresh the Lead Activity Page, you will see the search in the Saved Searches section.

You may recieve the following error when you try to create a saved search:

If this happens, open the Lead Details/Edit Lead page by clicking the  button.

Find the Agency Websites drop-down and choose which of your IDX websites you want to associate with the lead (if you only have one IDX website, this choice will be very easy).

Click the  button to return to the Lead Activity Page and Save A Search.