You will be able to modify your seller lead capture website to set the background images and text that leads see.


After logging in at, click on "Domains" tab within the left navigation menu. 

Note: If you do not see Domains in the left navigation menu, then you have not subscribed to any domains. Please go to the Account -> Subscriptions page and add an Unmanaged Domain.

From the Domains page, click on the "Customize" link for the domain you wish to modify.

There are varying tabs available for customizing your page: Background, Landing, Property Info, Capture, and Report. 


The Background customization page launches with some stock background images that we have found useful. If you wish to add background images relative to your market, this is the screen where you can do that.

Clicking on the center of an image will prompt you for removal of the image from your site. You may upload multiple images. If there are multiple background images, then the background will cycle through the images. 


The Landing customization page allows you to edit the text that leads see on the first page. Additionally, you may select the colors you wish to use to better align your lander with your firm's branding.


The Property Info customization page prompts leads to enter additional or corrected information about their home to help us make better valuations. Similar to the Landing customization page, the Property Info customization allows you to select color and text for the page. 


The Capture customization page is the page the prompts leads to enter their personal information. This page provides text and color customization for that lead capture overlay.


The Report customization page provides the ability to modify the title text and color for the report. The report itself draws on data from various sources, so the customization of the report itself is not currently supported.