To delete an Agent from your CRM, find your name in the upper right hand corner, click the downward facing arrow to open the menu, and then choose Profile.

When the Profile screen opens, click the Agents tab to display a list of your agents.

Find your agent on the list and click the  button.

When the Agent Profile screen opens, click the  button.

If you choose the Delete User and Leads option the Agent and all leads assigned to that gent will be deleted.  If you choose the Delete User and assign leads to another user option, you will be given a list of the Agents in your CRM. Choose an Agent from the list. All of the deleted Agent's leads will then be assigned to the selected agents.

Click the red button (it will read either Delete User and Leads or Delete User and Assign Leads, depending on which option you chose in the previous step) to save your changes.

Watch this short video to see the process: