Distribution Overview

The CRM has a Distribution module which allows you to create Pools, Create Rules, and distribute leads automatically. Below is an overview of the Distribution module with more in-depth links to each sections.

Lead Assignment

The lead Assignment section is a list of Leads that need to be manually assigned to a user. This can happen if a leads source did not match a rule for automatic distribution, or if a lead went through all users in a pool and was not claimed. In this section you will check the box next to each lead, choose an agent to assign from the dropdown, then click the "Save Assignment" button on the right. The agent who is being assigned the lead will get an email notification that a lead was assigned to them. To view an in-depth FAQ on how to manually assign a lead, Click Here

Pool Settings

Pools are groups of agents you would like to distribute leads to. You can setup multiple pools for different areas, cities, etc. Once you setup pools, in the next section you will specify a rule which will use a pool to distribute to. To view a in-depth FAQ on how to setup pools, Click Here.

Rule Settings

Rules are used to tell the system what to do with new leads that match the rules you specify. You must have a "Source" setup in the system (Learn how to setup sources by clicking here). You will choose a Source from the list of available sources, then choose a Distribution Strategy, Choose a pool of agents to distribute these leads to, then choose a time response (How long someone has to claim before it moves to the next person in the pool). After you have made these selections, click save. Any lead that enters the system and matches the source of the rule, will follow the distribution rules you specified. 

Distribution Strategy Definitions:

Round Robin - If this strategy is chosen, the next agent in-line from the pool will be sent the lead. If there is a time parameter specified, they must call in the allotted time. If they do not call in the alotted time, the lead is re-distributed to the next person in-line from the pool.

Piranha Pool - If this strategy is chosen, the lead is sent to all agents within the pool. First agent to call the lead using the pin number associated gets the lead assigned. All others will get an alert saying the lead was claimed by another agent.

Working Hours

The working hours section allows you to specify special rules for working hours and Holidays. By setting these rules, if leads come in outside the specified working hours, or during a Holiday, the agent has until the next open hours plus the time delay to call and claim a lead before its distributed.