The Banner Images on your home page can be changed by creating and choosing a Home Page Slider. The banner image on other pages can be changed through the Customize screen.

Home Page Sliders

Home Page Sliders are the images that will appear in the banner image section near the top of your home page. You can add multiple images to the slider. Each time your page is loaded, visitors will see a random image from your slider.

To create a Home Page Slider, go to your Dashboard and choose the  option from the left-hand menu.

Click the  button to create a new slider, or choose a slider to edit.

Give your Slider a name, then drag and drop images into the dashed box or click Select Files and choose images from the file picker. You can add as many images to the slider as you want, but they must be under 1MB in size. We restrict the images to 1MB because anything larger would significantly slow down your site's loading speed, which would negatively impact your Search Engine Results Page rankings.

To remove an image from your slider, click the red  in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Once you have uploaded your images, click the  button.

To add your image slider to your home page, go to the Customize screen by choosing Appearance > Customize from your dashboard's left-hand menu.

Click the Theme Options section on the left side menu of the Customize screen and go to the Home background slider section. You will see a drop-down menu with the header Select Slider.

Choose the slider you created, and click the  button to save your changes.


Here are some tips for creating home page image sliders.
  • Using large images will stop the image from appearing blurred or pixelated. An image that is 2000 pixels wide should look crisp on any device.
  • You can have as many images as you want in your sliders.
  • You can create multiple sliders and change them out at any time. You could create sliders for specific holidays or seasons, and change them when appropriate.
  • It's best to avoid images with text for your slider images.