You should link your social media profiles to your REfindly IDX Website, and vice versa. Having people like and engange with social media is important. Search engines see when people engage with your social media content. If they think it's content that interests people, that content gets a boost in the search engine. If that content is a link to your website, your website gets a boost.

Remember that you want to send people TO your site FROM your social media profiles. But you also want to link your site to your social media profiles, so that search engines can see the relation.

To add links to your social media, follow these steps:

  1. From your Dashboard, choose Appearance > Customize

  2. Choose Socials from the Customize menu

  3. Enter the full link to your social media profile

  4. Click Save & Publish

Your Social Media Profiles will now appear as links on your home page.