Important Note! Read This Before Adding Content To Your Community Page.

Before you can save any content on a Community page, you must first add a City to your city list.  Click Here for information on adding a city.

You will also need the following before you can save your Community:

  1. Four Community Amenities, and
  2. An image to feature for your Community.

Adding A New Community

From your dashboard, choose Communities > Add New.

Choose Your Community

You can choose which Community your page will be about from a list of the Communities in your MLS.  Scroll through the list, or begin typing the name of your Community until you see it on the list, then click on the Communtiy name.

If the community does not show up in the list, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The Community is in the MLS as a Subdivisions of a larger, Master Community, or
  2. The Community is new andis not yet in the MLS.
IIf the Community you wanted to create a page for is in the MLS as a Subdivision, make a page for the Master Community. Then make a page for the Subdivision. It is also possible to make the page as a Subdivision page only and then link to that page from somewhere else on your site. If the Community is not in the MLS you can still create a Community page. No listings will appear on the page until the MLS has listings for that community. You may need to go back and edit the name of your Community, but you will not lose any content.

Enter Community Content

You can enter any content you wish on your Community page. Adding content is exacly like adding content to a page or a blog post. Click Here for more information on adding content to your Community Page. Note that you do not need to add any listings to a Community page. The page will automatically generate a list of every property on the market in that Community.

Enter Community Information

Select a City

Choose your Community's city from the drop-down list.

Select a Community Type

This step is optional. If you have set up a list of Community Types (i.e. Bundled Golf, Boating, Gated, Etc.), you may choose which type or types of Community your page is about. Click Here for information on adding Community Types.

Add Amenities

Enter a list of four Amenities that your Community offers. It's a good idea to include a comprehensive list of amenities in your Community Content.

Select Related Communities

This step is optional. Select from a list of Communities that you have added to determine any related Communities. You can start typing the name of a Community to narrow the list.

Add A Community Image

Click the Upload Image button to add a featured image to your community. The image should be large enough to display on a desktop computer without being fuzzy or pixelated, but under 1MB in size.  You can upload a new image, or choose an image from your Media Gallery.

When you have completed the above steps you are ready to publish your Community. Simply press the  button to publish. Your community will appear on your Communities page. If your Communities page isn't on your site's menu, Click Here to learn how to add a page to your menu.