Adding an Image to a Blog Post

To add an image to your post, first open your post in the editor and place your cursor where you want your image to appear on the page. Then click the  button to open the Insert Media box.

From the Insert Media box, either click the "Upload Files" tab or choose an image from your media library.

Uploading Files

To upload an image to your site, you can either drag and drop the image into the Upload Files tab or you can click the   button to open a file picker window and choose your image file.

Attachment Details

Once you have chosen your image you may choose more options in the Attachment Details panel on the right. Adding a title and alt text to your image will help your increase your site's search engine visibility.

In the Attachment Display Settings section you can align the image to the left, right, or center of the page (if the image is aligned to the left or the right text will flow around the image). You can also choose to make the image a clickable link that will link to the image file itself or any other web page, or you can choose "none" to remove the link from the image. You may also choose what size to display your image.

When you have chosen your options, click the  button and the image will appear on your page.

In the page editor, you can click on the image and drag the boxes around the corners of the image to resize it on your page.