Adding a Page to Menu

Once you have created a page, you can add the page to your site's menu under the Appearance > Menus option on your site's dashboard.

Choose a Menu

Choose a Menu to edit and click "Select"

Add Page to Menu

Find your page in the "Pages" section to the left of the Menu Structure. Check the box next to your page's name, then click "Add to Menu".

Position Your Page on The Menu

Your page will appear at the bottom of the menu. Just click and drag the page to move it to another location on the menu.

To nest a page under another in the menu, place your page underneath the parent page, and then move it slightly to the right.

Adding Other Items to Menu

To add a different type of item to a menu, such as a Community page or a Blog category, click the "Screen Options" tab. Choose the checkbox next to the type of item you want to add, then click the "Screen Options" tab again to hide the options. You can now choose the diffirent menu item from the list just like you chose a page.